GMB General Secretary Election 2015

Keith Henderson (centre)
Keith Henderson has announced that he will be seeking nominations for the General Secretary election of the General Municipal and Boilermakers union (GMB Union) which is scheduled to take place this year according to the current GMB rule book.

Under current rules the nomination process is due to commence after the Central executive committee meeting in April 2015.

Under current union rules it is believed that the General Secretary Paul Kenny will not be able to stand as he has reached retirement age last year
in October.

Under the rules for the last General Secretary election in 2010 candidates were required to be nominated by thirty branches to get onto the ballot paper.

Keith is a member of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), the Grassroots Left (GRL) and a former regional officer of the GMB London Region.

He was dismissed from his employment of the GMB in December 2012 following his actions in carrying out the wishes of the members. He had organised a picket of parliament on the day of action in the public sector pensions dispute on 30th November 2011.

This followed a democratic decision of the GMB members employed in the house of commons who had voted to take strike action on that day and who had also voted to organise picket lines on the houses of parliament on the day of the strike.

Paul Kenny, the General Secretary contacted Keith directly by phone, shouting at him, claiming that his actions were too left wing and over the top, insisting that Labour MP's be allowed to cross the picket lines. The cases of unfair dismissal and discrimination are still being fought through the legal system so it would not be appropriate to comment further on these issues at this stage.

However the incident highlights the gulf that exists within the British labour movement between genuine unionism and socialism and bureaucratic institutionalism. One a top down structure imposing dictates from above
aimed primarily at maintaining the status quo. The other striving for a union democratically controlled by it's members, recognising that the collective consciousness of the members is the union. That at all times the needs of the members came first.

Keith stands for the election of all union officers who should be accountable to democratically elected bodies of lay members at a national and regional level. For the devolvement of resources from a national and regional level to a workplace and a local level.

To this end Keith is standing on a draft manifesto  which outlines in more detail the mechanics of reintroducing democracy, accountability and devolution of power in the GMB.

You can also read Keith's Election address.


No Unite General Secretary Election until 2018

Jerry Hicks, Unite General Secretary candidate 2013
From Jerry Hicks: Sadly Unite will not hold an election for General Secretary until 2018

The complaint I took to the Certification Office [CO], that Britain’s biggest union Unite had balloted 158,000 non- members during the ‘snap election’ in 2013 showed that the union membership records were shambolic, though not shambolic enough to secure the re-run I had hoped for, but I was successful on two other major points.

It was always going to be a long shot with only a slim chance and I am disappointed of course. Ironically by balloting too many rather than too few it made it easier for Unite, harder for me. 

However, I am delighted that, with the help of Jody Atkinson [a barrister acting for me ‘pro bono’ [free] we did prove that Unite had not reasonably kept its register of membership accurate and up to date.  Indeed, it had knowingly masterminded its own downfall by ceasing the very operation that would have kept its house in order.  

Steve Turner, since promoted to Unite Assistant General Secretary
Even more importantly for me, was that we proved that Unite failed to deal with my complaint properly regarding a vile re-tweet by senior appointed official SteveTurner. 

Steve Turner is often talked about as a future General Secretary and played a big part in McCluskey’s campaign. Who, I learn, instead of being held to account has been promoted. 
As soon as I saw the most offensive of Steve Turner’s twitter activity aimed at me, I complained to the General Secretary Len McCluskey and to Mr Andrew Murray ‘chief of staff’, himself a senior appointed official.  

I asked, as was proper procedure, for the complaint against Steve Turner and any other who had ’indulged’ themselves to be taken to the Executive Council for it’s consideration.

Andrew Murray, Unite's appointed Chief of Staff: "I'm not a member of any faction"
Mr Murray sat on the complaint for 18 months. In my view, he chose to protect the institution that appointed him rather than serve the interests of the members who pay his wages. 

Laughably, three weeks before the CO hearing was due to commence he did begin his own investigation, though he has refused to allow me to be involved, and will not assure me that I will even be informed of any outcome or reason. 

Happily matters have now been taken out of Mr Murray’s hands. Mr Murray has been humiliated by the CO’s Enforcement Order that my complaint, just as I had asked for 18 months earlier, must be heard by Unite’s elected Executive Council, and that has to happen before December 19th 2014.

I have stood for General Secretary three times, each time remarkably, given the disparity of the contests, coming runner up and each time increasing my share of the vote.

In this last election I was the 1,000 to 1 outsider in a two horse race. Me, simply an unemployed member with no resources, stood against Len McCluskey, the incumbent General Secretary who held all the resources. 

Even so it turned out to be dirtiest and most abusive election of them all. Actions or inactions have a consequence. Instead of turning members on, it switched them off from taking part in the democratic process. The turn out for the 2013 election was just 15%. McCluskey struts the stage with only 6% of Unites 1.3m members actually voting for him. 

Had I not shone a light on these matters, had I let it go unchallenged, things would only get worse. Future elections have to be better than this?!

Disturbingly, there seems to be little accountability of appointed officials - especially those appointed to very senior positions, epitomising all that is wrong with institutions and establishments, just like the police, the church, bank bosses, politicians and political parties.
Whether by design or by default, many or most end up looking after each other and in the process of doing so, lose the trust of those they are supposed to be serving.

I read today [Sunday 26th October] ‘As for falling wages, the real enemy is not immigration but gravely weakened trade unions. If the wage share in national income were the same as 35 years ago, the average worker would be £100 a week better off. The voters of Clacton, Rochester, and Heywood and Middleton would be better directing their anger at the way Britain’s leaders have weakened protections for average workers.’

13 of those most recent years were under the Labour Governments of Blair and Brown, backed to the hilt financially to the tune of £10’s of millions of pounds by the trade unions with members’ money. 

Those Unions failed to exact value for money from Labour, failed to repeal anti-union laws - laws passed to shackle us, laws that stop us from taking solidarity action or hold workplace industrial action votes. Unite the biggest donator to Labour must then take the largest share of the blame for that failure.

Why would they let Labour off so lightly? The promise of knighthoods? Or that Union leaders are out of touch? I wonder when was the last time any of them experienced being on strike, or struggled to pay a bill. 

Far from learning from their mistakes or ever admitting any mistakes, Unite’s leadership blunders on regardless. Backing ‘Red’ Ed Miliband for Labour party leader instead of supporting John McDonnell was a colossal error. 

It seems to me that Unite are in danger of repeating the mistake, by blowing kisses at Andy Burnham who when he was in Government was a privatiser of the NHS!

There are and has been heroic struggles by workers, occupy etc, but strike days remain low. Promises of co-ordinated strike action and talk of civil disobedience has not been delivered
Instead of Labour or a party to the left of Labour representing past, present and future workers - offering public ownership, council house building programmes and a million green jobs and winning by-elections and council seats, it’s the right wing led by UKIP who benefit by gaining votes.

The full decision by the Certification Officer will be posted on the Certification Officer’s web site Monday 27th October 2014
[They did not wait 18 months!]
Jerry Hicks, Unite member.


Unite lost 158,000 members but still let them vote for new leader

Britain’s biggest trade union, Unite, was losing “10,000 members a month” when it re-elected Len McCluskey as general secretary last year.

The “dire situation” was revealed during a misconduct hearing into the union’s election result, where it was revealed that more than 158,000 members left between June 2011 and January 2013 after refusing to pay their membership fees for six months.

Mr McCluskey, 64, won the election in April 2013 with 60,000 more votes than his opponent, Jerry Hicks, an unemployed former Unite shop steward. Mr Hicks complained to the Certification Officer, the trade union watchdog, to ask how 158,000 "former trade union members" had been allowed to vote in the election.

Mr Hicks told a misconduct hearing in London yesterday that Mr McCluskey and Unite's executive council knew about the lapsed members when it called the election three years before it was scheduled in 2015. He said they were sent ballots with a letter telling them about union benefits and that they could pay their arrears to stay in the union.

Mr Hicks said: "I think people could have construed that they weren't eligible to vote or had to join the union to vote. But they shouldn't have been sent a ballot at all, they should have been excluded or made to rejoin."

Turnout for the election was 15.2 per cent of the 1.3 million ballots sent to union members. Only 3 per cent of the 158,000 lapsed members voted.

Mr Hicks said Mr McCluskey and Unite's executive council called the election early to avoid the "embarrassment" for Labour of it coinciding with the general election, and to avoid real opposition to his re-election. He said: "It was brought forward by three years — an amazing amount of time. It had all the hallmarks of an election race not expected to happen."

Mr Hicks told the hearing that the election was the dirtiest he had ever been involved in.

Steve Turner, Mr McCluskey's "campaign manager", is now being investigated by Unite after retweeting a claim that Mr Hicks "condoned sex crimes against women".

Mr Hicks said: "1 was a 1,000-1 outsider, an unemployed man from Bristol against the general secretary, but it was clear we were doing far better than they had ever imagined."

Michael Ford, representing Unite, said the union did not recognise that the 158,000 workers who had refused to pay their fees for six months were not still members of Unite.

David Cockburn, the Certification Officer, said he would make a decision on the application to annul the election result within four weeks.

If the election is annulled, Mr McCluskey will remain in his post because his five-year term of office will still be in effect from the 2010 election.

Behind the story:
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The telling tale of two press releases. One a Balls up, the other from a hamster on a wheel

McCluskey: revolution my arse
Jerry Hicks writes: On a day of press releases, two stand out. One from Unite’s Len McCluskey, the other from Labours Ed Balls.

McCluskey promises Unites full support for Labour and Ed Miliband, including funding - and my word there will be a lot of that. While Ed Balls, Labour’s ‘would be’ next Chancellor of the Exchequer, promises what? Workers rights? Repeal of anti union laws? No, he promises tax breaks for businesses.  

What an about turn considering McCluskey recently caught the headlines when he said “Unite may break with Labour, threatening to launch a ‘new party’" adding that "Ed Miliband is drinking in the last chance saloon
When was this announced? At a press conference on April 1st or April Fools Day as it’s also known.  

So did Len McCluskey mean it? Not a bit! Unite under his leadership are completely and utterly wedded to Labour. Anyone who hopes, believes or argues otherwise should be in no doubt now. 
Lucky Balls

So when McCluskey wrote in his 2010 election address that there would be ‘No blank cheque for Labour’. Did he mean it? Not a bit! Unite doubled its donations to Labour in the first quarter of this year.

I predict up to £10m of members’ money will be stuffed into the coffers of Labour between now and the General election May 2015. So Ed Miliband is drinking in the last chance saloon eh? Well that’s one hell of a bar bill.

I say Unite should keep our money in clenched fist and demand that Labour repeal the anti union laws, reverse the privatisations of the past, end austerity by making the bankers pay for their mistakes. Labour makes no such promise, nor Unite make any such demand. Instead it offers cash galore, up front and unconditional.

I loathe the coalition, I detest the Tories, I despise the Lib Dems, but I have little faith in Labour and  Len McCluskey reminds me of a hamster on a wheel, forever running but getting nowhere.He has learnt nothing from Labour’s record when last in office. While Unite handed over £10ms of members money to Labour during their 3 terms, Labour refused to repeal anti union legislation that criminalizes workers who take solidarity action in support of others, carried on privatising, and prosecuted an illegal war. 

McCluskey Head of Unite
But just imagine how effective the public sector strike on July 10th would be if every other worker had the right to decide to support their fellow workers by taking our own action against the coalition government.
It amazes me how some sections of the political left, the labour movement and the media are so easily or readily taken in and question little or nothing. Well done then to the delegates of the independent PCS union currently being urged by their leadership to accept a takeover by Unite, who rejected these overtures at their conference.
I find it remarkable that in a union as big as Unite with hundreds of appointed officials, scores of senior appointed officials, not one ever speaks out, airing caution, let alone any criticism. It may have something to do with the fact that they are all appointed by the union, it would be easier to, if they were elected to office by the members.  

I was Len McCluskey’s only rival in last year's election for Unite General Secretary, surprising everybody by polling nearly 40% of the vote. Then it emerged that 158,000 ballot papers had been sent to members no longer paying fees. Notwithstanding that, during the election some senior appointed national officials who are paid out of members pockets failed to remain neutral by openly supporting Mr McCluskey, some even slurring my character. 

After getting nowhere with the union I lodged a complaint with the Certification Officer [CO] the independent trade union watchdog, which after a very long process, I have been granted a full hearing by the CO to be held in London on 1st and 2nd of October. And it may result in the election having to be re-run. So perhaps Labour will have to work harder for our members money after all? 

Jerry Hicks


2014 Executive Election Results

Lesley Mansell
Grass Roots Left's best result was Lesley Mansell coming a close second in the LGBT seat. If we could have persuaded just 0.3% of the electorate to return their ballot papers and vote for Lesley she would have won.

The turnout was 5%, appalling even by Unite's low standards.

Full results here


Unite NEC elections begin this week!

The ballot papers will be sent to each individuals home from 26th March. To be returned by 23rd April.

Of the 60 posts up for election, already 22 candidates have been appointed without an election. If you believe that we the members should elect their officials and not have them foisted upon us by appointment, then vote for:

Lesley Mansell
Golam Bhuiyan
Glyn Williams 

They are the only candidates (that we know of) who want elected officials: by the members, for the members & accountable to the members!

This is an election for a whole new NEC. National, Regional & Sector seats will be balloted: Please vote for........

Lesley Mansell
Golam Bhuiyan

Nationally Lesley Mansell for the LGBT seat Email: Phone 07980 695117 

Nationally Golam Bhuiyan BAEM seat Email


Regionally Glyn Williams for the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside seat. Email Phone 07975595971

Glyn Williams

• A democratic union :- Officers elected by you the members, not appointed by the General Secretary or a panel.

• A fighting union, not just a campaigning one :- Confronting anti-union and other unjust laws in the UK and EU.

Grass Roots Left Conference

The Grass Roots Left is holding a conference in Birmingham: ‘Where we are & what’s next?

Saturday 12th April 2014: 12 noon to 4pm.

  • Victories compromises & defeats. From Hovis to Grangemouth, from NHS to Royal Mail privatisation.
  • Proposed merger between Unite and the PCS. Its reason & its effect.
  • Unite & the Labour party.
  • Unite NEC elections & candidates with GRL support. 
  • A longer working life, a longer working week. Is the 35 hour week being defended or being surrendered. & what’s happened to the ‘fighting’ fund? 

This meeting is open to members of UNITE the union, their families, friends & trade unionists who are supporters of the Grass Roots left initiative.

The Comfort Inn: Station Street B5 4DY opposite Birmingham New St Station:

The Comfort Inn is also a short walk from Snow Hill & Moor St stations.

Jerry Hicks calls for Unite leadership election result to be annulled

Jerry Hicks lodges complaint after revelation that Unite sent over 158,000 ballot papers to 'former members'.

McCluskey: "It's Time to Deliver"
Jerry Hicks, Len McCluskey’s only rival in this year's election for Unite General Secretary has lodged a complaint calling for the result to be annulled after it emerged that 158,000 ballot papers were sent to members no longer paying fees. And it may result in the election having to be re-run

Len McCluskey, 63, won the election in April with a margin of 60,000 more votes than his opponent Jerry Hicks, who surprised everybody by polling nearly 40% of the vote. Remarkable given that he [Jerry Hicks] remains unemployed following his unlawful sacking for Trade Union activities by Rolls Royce in 2005.

But Jerry Hicks is complaining that between the end of December last year and January this year the union increased the number of potential voters in the leadership race by about 158,000. He has written to the trade union watchdog – the Certification Officer - to ask how "former trade union members" could be allowed to vote in the leadership election. 

During the election there were some attempts to slur the name of Jerry Hicks, and these matters are also included in the complaint.

The certification officer has wide-ranging powers and in 2011 forced construction union UCATT to re-run a leadership election, declaring the vote invalid. 

The Barrister acting against UCATT on that occasion was Jody Atkinson, and he is now representing Jerry Hicks on a ‘pro bono’ basis [free of charge]. 

Mr Atkinson said  " it appeared that Unite had been balloting people who had left the union, most likely because they had not paid their subscriptions. And it seems that ballot papers have been sent to people who have not been members for years."

Vote McCluskey 2012
Vote McCluskey 2010
In an interview with ‘The Guardian’s Randeep Ramesh’ Jerry Hicks said that he was told by Electoral Reform Services, which oversaw the union ballot, that Unite had identified "there was a group of 'members' who the Union had considered no longer to be members of the union" but "it was decided that they should be treated as continuing members and therefore for the purpose of the election eligible to vote" More interestingly it might be that as many as 77,000 of the 158,000 ballot papers had no postal address at all, so what on earth happened to them?

Jerry Hicks said he wanted "Unite's leadership to explain why people who weren't members of the Unite union could vote in the election of its General Secretary. So far I've been offered no explanation."
Jerry Hicks, said Mr McCluskey called the "snap election" after the union's Executive Council last September changed the rule book to raise the retirement age of senior officials to 67 and an attempt was made to double the number of branch nominations required to stand in a leadership election from 50 to 100. 

Adding “They thought that would deter me but they failed. I am an ordinary member who managed to get more than 150 nominations," The leadership got arrogant about their own power. They are paid six figure sums and have lost touch with ordinary members."

Len McCluskey, who has been Unite's General Secretary since 2010, had called the election early arguing he did not want to take to the hustings in the run up to the general election in 2015. Labour's biggest donor by far is Unite, which has provided 20%, about £12m, of party donations since the election.

Click here for  todays' Guardian article


Unite By Election Results

LGBT seat:

Jenny Douglas (McCluskey Supporters' Club) 26,085 (elected)
Lesley Mansell (Grass Roots Left) 14,644
Matt Irish 10, 260
Patsy Turner 11,865

Turnout 6.2%

London and Eastern Region seat:

Richard Allday (McCluskey Supporters' Club) 8,056 (elected)
Ian Bradley (Grass Roots Left) 5,878

Turnout 6.9%

The winning candidates will only hold office for 8 months - the whole executive are up for election in April 2014.


Panic in the Bureaucracy

ERS Head Office North London
The signs are that the election is very close, the General Secretary's election team (which calls itself the 'Broad Left') has been sending out increasingly desperate emailshots, 9 in total with the latest last Thursday.

Electoral Reform Services (ERS) count the votes as they arrive.  No one except them should know the figures but this information may have leaked before:  In April 2000 the left anti-establishment candidate Sue Michie was banned from all office the day after the ballot closed and two days before the result was announced by ERS (she topped the poll). At the time we believed the results had been leaked to the union in advance, ERS denied it.

Lesley Mansell
Anyway if you haven't voted it is not too late.  If you have lost your ballot paper down the back of the sofa it is not too late.  Call free 0800 783 3856 or from the Republic of Ireland 0818 333 155 and they will send you a new ballot paper.

The ballot closes on Tuesday 27th August.

Vote for the Grass Roots Left Candidates Lesley Mansell (LGBT) and Ian Bradley (London And Eastern).